Basic Tips to Protect Property from Break-Ins and Burglaries

Being the victim of a burglary in Miami is not only financially painful – it’s painfully disturbing.  Valuables are missing, items are out of place, and a traumatized feeling of privacy invaded pervades the mind, shocking all affected.

Whether a break-in is something you’re trying to prevent or have already experienced, there are matters that can be addressed to ensure a property is as safe as possible and deter future crimes.  Here’s a quick list of things Miami Doors and Locks recommends landowners manage at home or work to lower the odds of having a break-in in Miami-Dade and throughout South Florida, keeping the things we care about safer for all our well-being. 

Update Locks and Add Deadbolts – Especially on New Property

When evaluating a property’s safety features, one of the first things to check off the list is getting new deadbolts and locks.  It’s uncertain how many copies of the current keys exist or who has access to them. Experts recommend starting over with fresh locks and keys then keep on who has these, bolts and locks are also subject to aging and deterioration after several years of heavy use, so having a professional locksmith inspect the mechanics is wise if it’s been a while since they were last checked. A Miami locksmith can help determine if this is necessary and then guide you on what hardware is best for restoring safety features. 

Strong and Sturdy Doors Are Essential…

While there are several things one should do to secure their home or business from a burglar or thief, having resilient, durable doors is probably at the top of anyone’s list.  

A sturdy frame on a solid door can deter even the most persistent of burglars – make sure the bolts and hinges are in good working conditions.  An important factor when it comes to keeping a home or business safe from break-ins, this is especially critical if door areas incorporate glass or windows into their structure.

…And Remember to Lock Them

Good doors and locks are useless if they’re not used properly.  

Keep doors and windows securely locked during closing hours and especially at night, whenever someone may think it’s best to sneak around and do something their not supposed to.   

Outside Lighting

Outdoor lighting has the benefit of not just brightening up the landscape, it also deters bad guys from trying to sneak around where they’re not wanted.  A bright business parking lot or motion sensor lighting add a level of reassurance to the people who are supposed to be there while letting those who don’t know that they’re visible to anyone that’s watching.

Light Up Your Business

A happy burglar is a burglar that can hide. That often means these criminals seek out dark places. Warehouses surrounded by darkness or shops that turn out the lights after closing are inviting to intruders. Setting up well-placed lights can deter the interest of many criminals. Motion-sensitive lights have proven especially effective.

Inspect Window Security 

An open window is a simple way for someone to gain access to a private location that should be off-limits to them.  It’s easy to open a window to a home and forget about it later, but the consequences could be devastating. Take stock of the locking mechanism on each window and make sure that 

Consider an Alarm System

For added security that’s always on call, consider upgrading to an automated alarm system that is always connected to the proper authorities.  

This is essential for places that are often left unsupervised for long periods of time – say overnight hours in a business or long family vacations – delivering a level of reassurance that is always vigilante.  

If property Appears Burglarized, DO NOT GO INSIDE! CALL THE AUTHORITIES

Should something look out of place – a door that was closed is open, a glass window is smashed, there’s a commotion on the property when it should be unoccupied – call the authorities immediately.

Bonus Tip:  Security Cameras

Security cameras are an easy way to always have a record of people that go onto your property and what they do.  

They can also deter people from acting out if they’re aware that their actions are being documented.  This can later be used as evidence should any legal issues occur and

Install a Security Alarm System

A security system provides a direct line to the authorities, even when you are not there. When equipped with an alarm, it is also a major deterrent for any thief. These systems have a wide array of options, including features that allow you to monitor your business from home.

Install Smart Access

Technology is a beautiful thing when it comes to security. Thanks to security alarm innovations, there are smart lock systems with extraordinary features. With a smart access system, you can restrict or change access with just a few keystrokes. Want to know who entered certain areas of your business and when? Many of these systems make that information available. You even have multiple access options when it comes to smart access systems. You can utilize keypads, smart cards, FOBs or any number of other access options.