Who's in Charge?

Miami Doors and Locks’ team of experts is spearheaded by husband-and-wife team Diego Castro and Maria Guadamuz.

Over a decade ago, Diego had a vision of establishing a locksmith company that stood out in Miami-Dade County. With Miami Doors and Locks, he’s done just that, growing operations from a single work truck to a state-of-the-art showroom and a fleet of mobile technicians. The days of handling all business duties – answering calls, servicing customers, and billing clients while out on the road – are long gone. Through hard work, integrity, and prompt service any time of day, Diego has created lasting relationships with the community, earning a reputation for being one of South Florida’s most trusted professionals for all locksmith and security needs.

However, Diego could not have done this without his beloved partner and wife, Maria Guadamuz, by his side to help him lead the way. While Diego operates the technical service side of the business and oversees the team of experienced licensed technicians, Maria is the shining light of Miami Doors and Locks. A liaison to customers who oversees the company’s customer service representatives, Maria’s unique ability to engage people and network among professionals has propelled Miami Doors and Locks from a simple mobile operation to a salesroom with a crew of specialists always ready to serve the community. Maria manages the company’s day-to-day operations which include 10 vehicles and over 350 accounts, all while raising two beautiful, loving children. Maria and Diego are proud to say most Miami Doors and Locks’ clients have been with them from the beginning and they hope to continue being a resource to the community for years to come!


Behind every good leader is a great team and at Miami Doors and Locks our A-Team of specialists is always here for you.

Led by Ernest – our head technician who’s been with us since day one – our team is made of full-time employees. Unlike other locksmith companies that contract or freelance their employees, this has allowed us to provide Miami 24/7 locksmith services for over a decade.

With over 10 service techs on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week, our team is made of full-time employees, unlike other locksmith companies that contract or freelance their employees.

Miami Doors & Locks’ professionals are the best in the business – we proud to work with our specialists and we know you’ll appreciate them as well.