What To Do When You Lose Your Keys

The first thing people tend to do when they lose their keys is panic. Even if there is a spare somewhere, the thought of a stranger finding the missing set and having the ability to enter their home, automobile, or business is unnerving. Thankfully – whether it be replacing lost house keys or opening a locked car door – there are several options for every situation and Miami Doors and Locks can guide you toward the right solution.

Losing keys is something that seems to happen to virtually everyone who’s ever owned some, even the most organized people.
Here are a few ways we can help and some options to prevent missing keys from holding you back in the future.

Lost House Keys

If you’re locked out of the house or have misplaced the key, the easiest thing to do is to call a residential locksmith. Professional assistance will make sure the problem is properly diagnosed. A Miami Doors and Locks specialist can open doors, rekey the locks, or switch out the existing deadbolts depending on the best resolution.

Another good way to keep this from happening in the future is to have the locks replaced with a keyless lock system. Fitting an automated keypad or electronic lock is perfect if you or a loved one frequently misplace keys. Keyless entry and smart lock installation are only a few of Miami Doors and Lock’s services.

Lost Car Keys

Losing car keys is either a very basic problem to fix or an irritating hassle depending on what happened to them. If they got locked in the car or there’s a spare somewhere and the doors just need to be open, the experts at Miami Doors and Locks cover the situation. We can send a 24/7 locksmith out immediately – sometimes chances are we already have one close by, so you don’t have to wait too long.

However, if there is no spare and they’ve completely “vanished,” you will have to reach out to the car’s manufacturer or a licensed dealer and have them replaced, especially if it’s a fob. Automobile keys are pricey these days, so make sure that if you do spend the money on a spare that it’s somewhere it can be easily reached in case of emergency.

Lost Business Keys

Losing business keys is a situation where one should call a commercial locksmith as soon as possible. Somebody may find them and let themselves into an area where they should not be or help themselves to inventory. Especially if the missing keys have been taken by a disgruntled employee or someone who is known to be dodgy, it’s necessary to get into action right away.

Automated keypad installation is a smart way to avoid this altogether. Because codes can be updated anytime, there is a level of protection and convenience that normal lock/key systems simply don’t provide. Digital and biometric locks are just a few more of Miami Doors and Locks’ specialties.

One more way to ensure the welfare of your business is to think about high-tech security and CCTV installation, an essential part of modern commercial lock projects. To see how we can develop a custom security system that fits your needs, send us a message and one of our representatives will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Prevent from Getting Locked Out

Before getting locked out, consider the cost of making a duplicate key versus the trouble of permanently losing them and having to call for professional assistance. Get a few and store them in safe places only you and those you trust can access. This, however, is not a one size fits all answer to the dilemma, considering car keys, anti-theft locks, and burglar-proof doors usually have expensive keys that may require proof of ownership before the manufacturer passes over a new copy. And remember – electric lock installation is a convenient security decision, especially since the code can be regularly changed.

Don’t act out of frustration and try to force open a door or window yourself unless you’re experienced with the process. This can often make the predicament much worse and cause monetary damage to property. And remember, IF YOU KNOW YOUR KEYS WERE STOLEN, CHANGE OR REKEY THE LOCKS IMMEDIATELY.

Whenever in need of a locksmith in Miami-Dade County, give Miami Doors and Locks a call any time of day, seven days a week. Or if you live anywhere in The Magic City, just Google “locksmith near me” – we’re the first option at the top for a reason.